What is CDPAP

Our CDPAP program gives you the freedom to choose your own personal assistant.

CDPAP stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. It is the main service we offer at Better Families, Inc. The purpose of this program is to allow senior citizens, chronically ill, or disabled individuals who are receiving home care under the Medicaid program to have greater flexibility and their own choice when choosing who will be in charge of their care. This means that they can choose family members or friends to be their aides, and the aides get paid.

Are you interested in CDPAP? With us at Better Families, Inc., you can expect that enrolling in this program will be a straightforward process. We will serve as your guides and ensure that you have the right requirements so that you will not encounter any problems.

Check if you are eligible

Fill out the form below to see how soon you can join the program. If you have Medicaid you are eligible.

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Do you have Medicaid?

“If you have Medicaid 
you can apply.”

If you don’t have Medicaid, we can help!

Benefits of joining the CDPAP Program

Your loved ones or person of your choice will get paid to take care of you

Your caregiver does not need to have a license or be certified

Your caregiver can provide skilled care such as wound care and insulin shots

For Patients

Who Is Eligible for CDPAP?

Individuals may take advantage of this program if:

  • They are eligible for Medicaid.
  • They are eligible for home care services.
  • They are self-directing or have a self-directing adult who has the competency and willingness to assume the roles and responsibilities of the program.

Usually, to enrol in this program, consumers should be enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care. On your part, you may have the benefit of choosing which type of plan you would like to enrol in.

What Is a Self-Directing Person?

This refers to the consumer or the consumer’s surrogate who must have:

  • The desire and ability to make lifestyle choices
  • The ability to organize the environment in order to implement those choices, and
  • The capability to comprehend the consequence of those actions and the readiness to take responsibility for them

Applying for CDPAP

There are several steps involved in the process and it takes more than filling out just one application form. There are three steps involved:

  1. Assessment – where a nurse assesses applicants before they can be enrolled in the program
  2. Patient Forms – the patients are required to fill these out.
  3. Personal Assistant Forms – these are the forms the personal assistant will need to fill out.

We can help you with the process.

DCPAP forms for patients

Physician’s Order for CDPAP Services

Referral Form

Transfer Form- Medicaid Managed Care to Managed Long Term Care

For Caregivers

Who can serve as a personal assistant?

  • Most adults can, including parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors.
  • Spouses, however, are ineligible.
  • No formal training required.
  • You must be able to work legally in the USA.

Services Provided by the Personal Assistant

A personal assistant may have the following responsibilities:

  • Assistance with dressing, grooming, and bathing
  • Medication Reminders
  • Do errands
  • Light Housekeeping
  • And other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

CDPAP Personal Assistants may also provide skilled care, such as wound care, tracheostomy care, and giving insulin shots.

Hire a family member or friend to care for you!

Your caregiver can earn up to

$21.09 Per Hour

CDPAP allows you to create a schedule that best suits your needs and lifestyle. You can allocate weekly hours on a flexible day-to-day basis, rather than following a daily schedule of hours set by a third party agency.

Do you have more questions about the CDPAP Program?


Every CDPAP consumer is different. The amount of home care they get varies. The amount of hours you will receive is determined by your Medicaid Managed Care plan.

CDPAP Salary and Pay Rate

CDPAP workers are compensated. How you will be compensated depends on many different factors. For more information call 646-747-0181.

Insurance Accepted

Our payment Options include most insurance plans, including Medicaid, for the benefit of our patients and their loved ones.